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We love to welcome new guest bloggers at our website. We have felt that awareness for technology is ever growing and we want to share the hang of this increasing awareness between our global communities: we love extending around the world.

The profile of our idea guest blogger:

No matter if you are an amateur or a hardcore professional technology expert. We love your passion for writing which you love to write as per our pre-defined niche, and we honor your ardent passion for sharing your knowledge with others in your virtual community.

Our expected style

We love writing style that is approachable, original, unassuming, and straight. We’re looking for latest and honest reviews of technology, Gadget News & reviews, every new technology entering into this world at all skill levels, for adults, semi adults, and tech savvy growing kids.

Word count: we have no limit for bare minimum, however we love to get the posts between 1000-1200 words.

Tone:  we prefer comprehensive, handy, and usuallyoptimistic approach of writing. You may take a look around and find our previous publications to get a hang about our preferences.

Original Content: We emphasize specially on originality and expect our contributors to give us original proof-read pieces. We never intendpublishing an article/blog/write up which is already published somewhere in the web/print media.

By submitting to our website you acknowledge that you accept our terms, and you will allow us to edit/modify the content you have developed by TheTechnoTalk editorial team.

Rewards: We completely understand and do not want to evaluate your contribution in terms of money simply. We will happily allow our guest bloggers to have user profile with their website links with his/her write up or else, if asked, we can pay for the submitted articles after due review done by TheTechnoTalk editorial team.

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