Windows 8.1- It’s Pros and Cons

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On October 17, 2013 Microsoft has introduced its newest update to Windows OS named as Windows 8.1 version. Strategically it is an incremental up-gradation of existing Windows 8 version as well as Microsoft has added some new improvisation for making it more preferred OS for smartphone and tablet users. The best part of the ultra-new operating system is its manifold compatibility like compatibility with Facebook, Twitter and mail apps, and Windows scan app to Bing Logo, all are accessible in latest Windows 8.1 version and this over all synchronization is its best advantage.

Windows 8.1: what’s new here?

Free Windows 8.1 Update

Windows 8 Brought a new touch pad experience for PC users. The 8.1 version has retained the touch and tile features at one side, on the other hand old desktop style where keyboard and mouse plays the main show. In addition to this dual character, the version has come out with some gesture and finger-friendly short cuts for enjoying some touch-based apps.Some features are retained in this version about prime desktop modes with which a billion PC users are comfortable since decades.

Existing Windows 8 users can download this Windows 8.1 version free of cost. And it’s available in Windows store app. Now let’s have a quick view of its cosmetic change and improved functionality over its previous versions.

Desktop friendly features:

  • Start button: the most wanted start button is back here. However not like Windows 7. In Windows 7 and previous version a simple click on start button could open the program and latest folders’ list. In this version a single tap will take you to new tile-interface where from you can tap tiles for opening programs. Otherwise a long press on start tab will bring forth critical setting like C panel, etc.
  • Boot to desktop: Another conventional PC friendly Windows feature is back in Windows 8.1 version; here the machine, on request, can be started with booting mode.

Touch and Gesture enabled updates of Windows 8.1

Touch and Gesture enabled updates of Windows 8.1

  • Swipe on onscreen keyboard:  The on-screen keyboard now incorporates the access for typing numbers or the user can insert punctuation marks by swiping up from some specific keys within QWERTY layout excluding the requirement of toggling between alphabetic and numeric layouts. For better ease of use the user can select from proposed words mid-stream by using taps and swipes located on the virtual space bar.
  • Gesture enabled apps: The new version Windows OS 8.1 allows its users to access apps by waving hands in front of the camera: for example with using the hand’s gesture a user can change the recipe page of a recipe app.
  • Tile organizing has become faster: Now a user can tap/hold tiles on the Windows US interface in order to move them. There is another couple of taps which will allow you to convert these tiles in one out of four sizes. In comparison to previous version, where two size of tile option were available and user required to organize tiles with the help of mouse right click, the present shortcut is an up-gradation indeed.
  • Easy access to apps: In this new version of Windows users may find all the apps available on demands a swipe on the screen. In the previous version, the user has a mandate to swipe up from the lowest edge and then all the apps get tapped, by default.

User friendly conveniences:

  • Auto update feature: Updates get auto synchronized and does not require manual intervention or formality to visit Windows store for getting the version updated.
  • Compatible for smaller screen- Windows 8.1 is now available with a home screen that looks attractive in its portrait mode at the size of 7-8 inches.
  • Locking the screen access: Now users can answer Skype call without unlocking the screen: as par discretion of the user, notifications can be accessed under the screen lock on condition.

Fun features:

Photo Editing Feature in Windows 8

Facility of picture editing: this updated version contains a picture editor allowing the users enjoying photo editing facilities like touchups, cropping, contrast changes, etc.

Auto Integration of Xbox-one: a user can pause and leave a game after starting playing a video accessed on X Box Video on a tablet and then he can watch the rest on the available game console Xbox One.

Access to music streaming app: Xbox music refresh is a music streaming app find auto installed in 8.1 Windows version. It has a layout which can include multiple lists and small photographs. With swiping you can stream music and photos.

Functional up gradation

Better ease of browsing

In previous version only 10 tabs were accessible at one go in tile version IE browser. With 8.1 version users can open as maximum as tabs they want.  In fact now two websites can be viewedat parallel view.

 Better facility of Multitasking

Muti-Tasking with Windows 8.1

In Windows 8.1, you can play maximum four apps at a time side by side can double the former amount, although users will require a large, HD quality monitor for doing so. With Windows 8.1 users can resize panes by using a side to side moving slider, in lieu of being incomplete to one bigger window and one slim one.

Better Global search

A user nay search an item from internet, the tile-based start screen will bring out-manifold search output — if valid — browsing through computer, from the Web and from the Windows app store.

Email update:

Windows 8.1 has a “power pane” on the left side with folders for receiving updates from social networks like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and different newsletters.

An overview: pros and cons

Pros: Available free of cost for Windows users, Windows 8.1 offers utility fixes and tweaks, availability of start button, user friendly searching, boot to desktop facility, and a good app store.

Cons: The split between touch sensitive tiles and desktop models a bit unbalanced and it is difficult to use the operating system without having a touch screen. The windows app store does not have good gaming apps as well as utility software.

Those have Windows 8 version already installed in their computer this update is a sure bonanza for them, otherwise there is nothing exceptionally inevitable here in Windows 8.1.

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