PlayStation Vue: PlayStation Launches Live Streaming Cord-Cutter TV Service

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Cable cutters are winning battles inside the TV war. People who cut their cable are now so much in the majority, that Sony announced the release of Vue, a cloud-based internet TV service available via PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles. Sony specified that the support will start at $50 a month and include popular stations like Discovery, TBS, Comedy Central, and 45 other networks.

Sony's PlayStation Vue streaming TV

Sony’s move signals another advance for customers who don’t desire to purchase traditional TV services like Comcast or Charter. It is estimated that roughly 10 million houses in the USA do not sign up to a TV provider.

Although Vue may interest many consumers, particularly the video game crowd, it is 1st being tested in only three U.S. markets, Philadelphia, Chicago, and NYC. Sony anticipates more locations to be included by the year’s end.

Three of the network broadcasters that will be included with Vue’s release CBS, NBC and Fox, are part of the reason behind the limited city roll-out. That’s because Sony must get consent from affiliate marketer stations in all the US markets it really wants to make the service obtainable. CBS, NBC and Fox aren’t affiliates, but network stations in NY, Chicago and Philadelphia.

For $60 monthly, subscribers will get usage of regional sports plus some movie channels. And for $70, all other channels will be available. Cloud-based DVR service can be a feature on offer with the service.

Sony is also likely to release an app allowing usage of Vue on the Apple iPad. It is not known if Sony offers any further plans to have Vue support on Android or Windows tablets.

At present, the common regular monthly cost of basic expanded cable TV is approximately $65, making the Vue and its additional features, plus similar price point, an enticing offer indeed.

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