12 Mobile Apps for Students that fit the Bill of ‘Must-Have’

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If you think the new age technology has made kids dull and inert (thanks to the influx of iPads, iPhones, etc.) think again. There are a whole lot of gains for students that an Android App Development enterprise can boast of, as they have been churning out applications that take the ‘learning’ to a whole new level. To prove the point, let’s take a look at some of the Smartphone apps developed exclusively to assist students in studying. And unlike mechanical books, these apps make learning an interesting exercise.

Maths Alarm Clock


Creativity seldom has it so good. The app is for those students who repel early mornings.  It is a passé now that every morning your alarm wakes you up, you hit the snooze button, and go back to your dreams. Not with this app. Not anymore.

The Math Alarm Clock makes sure you are truly awake as the only way it stops noising its alarm is once you solve a Math puzzle. The puzzle is complicated enough to jolt your senses out of slumber and awaken you.

Chegg Flashcards


This wonderfully interactive app facilitates creating flashcards for particular subjects. You get readymade flashcards for different subjects like Math, History, English and more. With pictures and diagrams illustrated on your mobile phone, learning becomes easier and more fun. You can also use the app to test yourself with a quiz. All you need is few swipes and you know where you are missing the point. Once the app pinpoints your mistakes, it also lets you review the material thoroughly.



Alright, this one catches the fancy by its name alone. But it doesn’t end there. This app is one of its kind, as it opens an altogether new world for you; a world that’s full of knowledge and wisdom. TED takes you right in the company of the best educators, medical geniuses, technology connoisseurs, and the most successful people of their fields through its virtual platform.

Encore Study Platform


Ensuring interactivity through flashcards, the Encore Study Platform goes about its business by taking quizzes.  There are different sets of flashcards with each having an app centered on different subjects.  Through the app, students get information on SAT vocabulary, organic chemistry, mathematic equations, expressions in different languages and much more.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator


With so much to stuff into their pockets, forgetting to take calculators to school or college comes pretty easy to students. Apparently, they do not forget their phones, and that’s why there isn’t any need to panic. Installing RealCalc Scientific Calculator will provide you a calculator that you can take anywhere and solve the trickiest of puzzles using its scientific interface. The app has been intelleginetly developed and includes different mathematic topics for students. So, next time you are left to solve a trigonometric problem without your calculator, let RealCalc Scientific Calculator come to your rescue.

Evernote Peek


Are you signed up to participate in a quiz competition? Then let your iPad help you prepare so that you are in the best shape before the D day arrives. An application tailor made for iPads, the app covers questions relating to different array of subjects and asks you tough questions that really test your knowledge. It also comes equipped with hints that you can get only by lifting the corner of the tablet cover.

Exam Countdown

Exam Count Down

Trust us, this is the app you were waiting for. When exams arrive, getting panicky is the first reaction observed from students, irrespective of how well are they prepared. The panic leads to their studying timetable going kaput. The Exam Countdown app is for such trying times to help students create “to-do” that can be referred to know what needs to be completed when before the exam day arrives. Install this app and share your fears and tips with other students on the app network.



The health conscious boys and girls are jam packed with studies to take care of their exercise routines. And when it comes to lazy souls, they only get once excuse more not to indulge in any form of exercise once the exams turn up. Sworkit however makes sure that bones inside your body do not suffer from rust, so to speak. The app fsacilitates creating a training plan in few minutes and it is a breeze then to follow the plan and let your body so some talking as well.

Angry words

Angry Words

Déjà vu? Well, the app doesn’t really bear any resemblance to the much-revered Angry Birds apart from its name. But, it sure is as involving as Angry Birds. It is essentially a Scrabble-like game that really tests your brain and lets you ponder over words that must creep into your consciousness so that you improve your vocabulary. It is a multiplayer game and thus you can include as many friends as you want.

ZotPad and Zandy

ZotPad and Zandy

This one is more suited for university students. People who are on their way to creating research papers for their semester tests will find this app highly resourceful and useful as it helps them managing a huge collection articles and quotations from scholars and erudite in different subjects. Using nothing but your iPad or iPhone, you can keep up with the sea of literature around the most famous intellects of the world and their works. The app however comes with a price, that is, for 10 dollars.


dropboxslide dropbox

Who isn’t aware of Dropbox! Take photographs or download some educational documents and store them in the Dropbox, which served as a shared drive where people from different networks can sync and save files to be shared among them. Dropbox doesn’t require you to access it strictly from your device. All you need is an Internet connection and you can access the data shared by you or by the other people on it. 



Another app to help you manage your time efficiently and prioritize the tasks you are supposed to complete. Wunderlist is especially useful when there are deadlines to meet.

Android App Development has taken giant strides, as is evident from these apps. As the fixation with smart technology grows, keep yourself geared up as there is more to come.

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