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HTC, the Taiwanese tech giant has exhibited a revolution in the Android phone market by launching its HTC One (M8) Android Smartphone. This fabulous device stands ahead of all its contenders in terms of design and looks. There are commendable features to enhance the attraction. As it is an upgraded version of the preceding HTC One M7, therefore the M8 version also possesses the cool appearance of its predecessor with additional beautification touches. There are a series of new software incorporations to make the device outstanding amongst all the competitor brands.

The key features at a glance

  • Large display of 5.0 inch with 1080p screen resolution
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor clocked at 2.3 GHz
  • A fabulous 2GB RAM with 32 GB internal storage capacity.
  • The storage capacity can be extended with MicroSD cards
  • Superb camera system comprising of HTC Ultra pixel rear camera and 5MP front camera
  • Bluetooth 4.0 , 802.11 ac
  • Prices at $649 without contract and $249.99 on a 2 year payment completion agreement. 

HTC One (M8)

A closer look at the design

The most significant reason that justifies the purchase of HTC One M8 is its exotic look. There is no other Android Smartphone in the market that can compete with the design ecstasy of this HTC device. Although it looks similar to the Apple devices, yet there are unique design features of HTC that creates a completely exclusive appearance for the phone. Like the previous M7 model, the M8 version also has a fine metallic look due to its enclosure of gunmetal. The surface of the metal is a bit striated that gives it a different charm altogether. This metal enclosure also forms a wrapping around border on the sides of the device to create a metallic highlight along the borders. The entire device feels really very smooth in the hands and it’s a pleasure holding it. Since the metallic surface is a bit rugged with striations, the chance of the phone getting slipped from the hand is also less because an adequate friction force comes into play.

The size of the M8 device is a bit bigger than the M7 version. But since the sides of the M8 Smartphone are more rounded, therefore it can be easily pocketed or kept in the hand. It poses no problem as far as its carriage is concerned.

About the Android customized features

Being equipped with the latest version of Sense that is HTC’s customization of UI for Android, this device has a whole new world of enhanced features to offer. There is a better Blinkfeed feature and also a fabulous social integrated TV remote for your benefit. The new phone unlocking system in this upgraded Android Smartphone is also much commendable.

Just as you get access to Google Now with Android KitKat 4.4 version on the other Android devices with an extreme left side swipe on the screen, similarly, you will be presented with Blinkfeed on the HTC One M8 Smartphone. Once you discover the convenience of this feature, you will realize the difference of this fabulous device with the competitor brands that are all similar to each other. HTC’s Sense UI mechanisms are responsible for such smart features in the device. The Blinkfeed feature gives a very interesting style of overviews and highlights in a flip-board like manner. That really makes your social networking and news updates very innovative. It also has connected icons to Facebook, Twitter and other accounts as well.

The Motion Gesture feature

The most noteworthy feature in the HTC One M8 version is the Motion Gesture feature. This feature allows you to do plenty of things by swiping and tapping on the screen. You can readily unlock the screen with a simple swipe or lock it again with a double tap on the screen lock icon. So there is no need to hold the power button or the sleep/wake button for this purpose. However this feature may also put you to make false calls as you remove the phone from the pocket without knowing that the touch of your pocket cloth has unlocked the phone and numbers have been dialed accidentally. So definitely you have to be very careful about handling the device for enjoying its high technological features.

The Motion Gesture feature also has another interesting contribution to the device. It turns the volume down button of the phone into the camera button automatically when the device is lifted up in a landscape position. Although this is very advantageous when you want to take a snap but in case you do not want to take a snap and have lifted the phone in the landscape position for some other reason, then this feature would not seem worthy.

A look on the camera

HTC One M8 Camera

HTC has incorporated new hardware support to the One M8 device as far as the camera is concerned. They have introduced “Duo-camera” twin imaging sensor in the phone to get improved picture quality of the snaps taken. This twin imaging sensor has the capacity to distinguish the foreground from the background. It also filters each and every part of the image separately to bring forth a crystal clear image. The images can also be refocused after the snap is taken. The front side camera has 5 Mp resolution and works really well for digital sharing. The resolution of the rear camera is about 4 MP having HTC ultra pixel advantage. The images are pretty clear and are perfectly suitable if you are not up to making a modellling portfolio with it. Sharing pictures for social networking or any other digital requirements is very well catered by the image quality rendered by HTC One M8 Smartphone cameras.

An overview on the display
HTC One (M8) Display

The large 5 inch screen having 441 pixel density and screen resolution of 1920×1080 p is apparently the best display option amongst all other similar Android devices. Watching videos on the full HD screen having 1080p resolution is an absolute celebration. The gorgeous colour balance, contrast, tone and all display metrics makes viewing everything on the screen very crunchy. You will not feel like taking your eyes off from the screen while watching any image or video on it. In case you want to use the device with one hand, you may face problems in touching the exact place you want because the screen is designed with edge to edge sensitivity. If you want to touch a particular area with your finger, something else might be triggered off by the touch of your palm when you are operating it with a single hand. However, you can surely deal with such contraptions by practice.

About battery support

HTC One (M8) Hardware

The battery support of HTC One M8 is pretty commendable as it provides and extended battery life mode. This mode enables to squeeze out even the last drops of power from the battery in case of emergencies. The battery can be utilized according to the requirement by keeping the phone in various battery modes. This helps in long terms use of the battery after a single full charge process. Overall, the battery support is quite strong and in case of very heavy use, there is the option for extracting the residual power.

The Dot View Accessory

In HTC One M8, we have a new added accessory known as the Dot view Case. It is a cover made up of perforated rubber sheath attached to a shell at the back and offered for protection of the phone. The front cover has perforations to support the passage of touch input. It displays the time, date and notifications in a dot matrix style with illumination from the phone’s LED lights. You can actually answer phone calls without flipping the cover open because the call indications will be displayed on it. However, you may have problems in typing with one hand if the cover does not completely open outward.

An evaluation on the overall performance

With an evaluation not considering benchmarks, HTC One M8 Smartphone is indeed a great performer amongst all other similar devices in the market. It has everything to call it an all rounder smartphone and can be highly satisfactory for the user. It can handle all websites having images of large sizes and also displays smooth animations without any disturbances. The apps can be very readily used from the different websites in a total hassle free way. HTC’s UI navigation allows you to operate any application with easy swipes that are very user friendly. The Fine quality of the media player and the supreme HD screen really makes the audio visuals enjoyable on the Smartphone. As far as the audio quality is concerned, HTC uses BoomSound audio on its devices as a normal practice. This system is really worth listening to because of its clarity of sound. After listening to the sound quality here, it can be readily commented that when it comes to in built speakers on a Smartphone, HTC is the leader. The looks of the phone are undoubtedly the best in the market. Coming to the accessories, the headphones and the Dot View Case are really of value. This device works well on 802.11ac networks and renders very convenient network support.

Therefore, as far as the overall judgment on the performance of this device is concerned, it can simply be called as the best Android Smartphone in the market now after considering each and every aspect that is required in such devices.

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