The Best 10 Photo Sharing Apps (Android, iOS, Windows)

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With the availability of a bunch of new mobile applications, now sharing photo has become a real fun and a simple process like 1-2-3. However, all mobile apps are not equally handy and user friendly. Here 10 best mobile apps are discussed with outline details which work for three major mobile platform’s like Android, iOS, and Windows: these apps have been rated best on basis of the their simplicity and easy accessibility.

Face book Camera: available free and works on iOS

Facebook Camera

Facebook camera is perhaps one of the simplest apps available now for sharing you sweet and memorable framed moments with your friends and relatives. With this app you can share photos at one go with all your friends and family members enlisted in Facebook. The advantages of the app are

  • Uploading multiple photos at one go,
  • Browsing through a feed of photos of your friend,
  • Using filters on the snaps for making them unique,
  • Facilities of adding captions on the photos.

Instagram: available free and compatible for both Android and iOS


Instagram is a free app that works both on Android and iOS, and it is extremely easy to use. The advantages of using Instagram are:

  • You can amazingly customize your photos powered by filer and cinematic stabilization
  • You can share unlimited photos
  • You can share videos streamlining here
  • Facilities of sharing photos to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare.

Snapchat: it is a free app and workable on Android and iOS


Snapchat is a free app- and it is compatible on Android and iOS. It is a free app and offers advantages like

  • Allows users to share videos and photos with friends
  • You can snap the photo and share it. Once it is viewed, it goes off next.
  • You can share every moment with our friends without jamming phone memory.

Flicker: it is a free app and compatible on Android and iOS


Flicker allows it users to take a snap by using a user friendly camera button and offers advantages like:

  • Allows users to share photos with Flicker groups, Facebook groups, and Twitter members.
  • The in-built filters allow editing, modifying, and geo-tagging.
  • Tis app is a wonderful way to share high –resolution photo to our friends’ community.

Dropbox: it is a free app and compatible on Android and iOS


Dropbox is an easy way for sharing and storing photos on your laptop as well as on your mobile. Its advantages are:

  • Compatible for using on laptop and smartphone,
  • Can share documents and videos as well,
  • You have to share a link to any of your friends,
  • Initially 2 GB space is found free.

Photobucket: it is a free app and attuned to Android and iOS


Photobucket allows its users upload, share, and manage photos with advantages like:

  • The app allows its users to upload/shre photo as it is
  • The app allows to create/organize/edit photo albums
  • The facility of swipe gestures is possible
  • Browsing through photo galleries is also possible
  • Photos can be shared at social networking sites like Twitter Facebook
  • Photos can be sent via email.

Google+: it is free and compatible on both Android and iOS

Google Plus

Using Google + is extremely easy and fun indeed. It is a great combo of utility and fun unlimited. With Google + you can

  • Instantly share and upload photos with acquaintances, friends and family
  • You can share photos from mobile as well as from computer
  • You can use auto enhancer for improving photo quality before sharing
  • There are facilities of short animations, HDR photos, panoramas, and photo-booth style pictures

SnapFish: it is a free app with compatibility on iOS and Android


Snapfishis a free mobile app with manifold facilities of photo sharing for its users.

  • It allows users to store unlimited numbers of photos against a snapfish account
  • You can create a photo book a under your snapfish account
  • You can access the app while on the move
  • You can share your photos via Facebook
  • You can send the photos to your friends and family members via email.

Camera360: it is a free app and compatible on Windows

Camera 360

Camera360 Photo Sharing App is a free one and allows its users with manifold facilities like:

  • Creative COMPASS with SIX shooting themes, and incudes particular effects for each photographing theme, such as Auto, Portrait, Scenery, Food, Night, Microspur
    Plentiful effects including life effects, the users and the shared people can see the effect on photo in real time.
  • There is facility of photo re-editing
  • There is facility of sorting photo by date: it makes browsing the pho album easily
  • In built 6 classy photo frames
  • Photos can be shared in multiple sites.

Shutterfly: it is free app and is compatible on Android and iOS


Shutterfly is a multi-facility providing free app that can indulge your love for uploading and sharing your favorite moments with your friends by uploading latest photos.

This free app will allow its users a bunch of user friendly advantages like

      • Facility of uploading, editing, and sharing photos
      • You can create specific folders,
      • You can organize all your photos as per your discretion.
      • You can open an account on shutterfly  and then can access shutterfly store
      • From here you can print and make tailor made photo gifts for friends.

There are other apps also which are exclusively for Iosaor Android but some of them are paid app and not downloadable at free of cost.

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