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The 17-inch MacBook Pro was not a hit at all in market, in fact this no acknowledgement paved a better welcome for 15-inch MacBook Pro; however, its pixel condensed screen is the best attraction for crystal clear display and that truly complements its name as “Retina Display”. Not only has the advantage of vision comfort, Apple has walked extra miles for sure to make this MacBook Pro thin as air and light weight. Whatever, smart improvements this MacBook has enjoyed since its inception since 2012, this 15-inch Apple MacBook has now grabbed good user rating because of its cool features. Let’s take a quick look.

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display

The Basics

The basics of this Apple MacBook are absolutely at par the requirements of a 22nd century professional or a tech savvy gen-x guy.  At one go these are

  • Display screen: 2880 x 1800 (Retina), 15.4-inch display.
  • Processor: 2.0GHz quad-core Intel Core i7
  • Capacity: 256GB storage
  • Internal memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Product Dimension: 0.71 inches thick, 4.46 lbs
  • Connectivity: 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Price: $1,999, starting around


MacBook Pro

Apple has placed its best bet on the display quality of this 15-inch and 13 inch MacBook.  The 15-inch version has 5 million pixels while the 13-inch version is comprised of 4 million pixels. So retouching photos and or edit a movie into HD you will enjoy outstanding clarity in the display. Over all it looks good: the 220 PPT screen is a gorgeous graphical smorgasbord. You can tweak the screen to get the display at Non Retinal mode with ultra-high resolution with panoramic canvas to work with.


Let’s hit on the bull’s eye. This costly notebook is meant for doing business certainly and there comes the question of performance appraisal. Its graphics card is a rare combo of Intel Iris Pro integrated model and NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M that ultimately launched into a typical genre of Intel HD 4000 integrated card. Concerning dedicated graphics, this latest one is quite handy for graphic-based processes. Being supported by its little heat generating advantage with long battery life the investment against is worth consideration as it gives mileage for both short run and long run. However the price cut between 13 inch and 15-inch has made the purchase deal sweeter with options and handy for wallet.


The early version of Mac pro was scheduled to give 7 hours battery life with Wi Fi on. However, with this improved one, it is expected that the battery life will increase at least one hour. During its launch Apple has also pointed this upgraded time due to OS X Mavericks update, however, according to users rating keeping keyboard backlight off Bluetooth off, minimum brightness visible, Wi-Fi on the battery gives 10 hours battery life. However, the exact service time depends on the frequency of use.



Design wise The MacBook Pro with Retina display is a successful brainchild of Apple Lab as it is being considered as a crowning achievement. While designing this Apple MacBook, this time Apple has managed its trimmed size and light weight like the ultra-thin no retina MacBook. However its design is not as sleek as MacBook Air but definite it is one step ahead in its sleek and thin beauty than it Pro predecessor.

What is typical here about the design of Apple’s Retina MacBook Pro is the usual combo of aluminium and glass construction that not only aesthetic in its appeal it is robust too with an absolute turn on for its typical metallic sobriety. With three and half pound weight, around three quarter of an inch thickness, 15 inch display and an astonishing surprising 2880 x 1800 resolution it is a big hit in Apple store for sure only because its impeccable design.

Disk Space

As the other side of a coin, the dis space of this Apple child is a bit soft corner of this PRO version.The 128GB version (which is really about 121GB) allows roughly 105GB of working space (~16GB of OS and iLife) in reality. This space may not be too small for general user but for a design buff or design pro this space is not too roomy. Besides keeping your machine free of junk, you must use an external hard disk specially to keep your bigger graphics file saved with you and keep your machine’s speed always up.

Pros, cons, and bottom lines

Let’s get into the summary. The pros, cons, and bottom-lines are easy to summarize the utility and functionality of the Apple MacBook undo the review focus. The most advantageous factors are tagged as pros. These are


  • Stunning Display
  • Unbeatable Performance
  • Sleek and trim design
  • Maneuverity and portability is enjoyable with only 3.5 pound weight and long battery life.
  • Trackpad gives the smoothness and quick pace like iPhone: it’s not only sensitive it is versatile in the true sense of the word.
  • Availability of iwork app at free of cost has added extra charm and value worth investment.
  • Combo of Wi-Fi, Thunderbolt, SSD, graphics card, and CPU offers stunning performance for the users. 


As every coin has two sides the best may have two soft points. Similarly this Apple child is a bit low in two areas like

  • Price- It is not a cheap computer and Apple cannot be even…however, here this new MacBook will not attract the owner of the older Pro ones. With $1,999, it is indeed a very costly laptop and is not everybody’s cup of tea.
  • Disk space – Regarding Disk Space it is might not adequate for the designers. There is no scope for up gradation also by an end user.
  • RAM can be upgraded only at the time of purchase.
  • Applications that are not upgraded may look blurred and scroll performance may seem too sluggish.
  • No internal optical drive is available; the user will have to manage only with external option.
  • New MagSafe 2 power connector needs adapter (MD504ZM/A) to get used with a thunderbolt display, LED Cinema Display, or with earlier MagSafe power adapter.

Apple’s 15-inch and 13-inch MacBook Pros with Retina Displays are modestly one of the best existing notebooks at Apple store, which you maypick dependingcompletely on budget and imports over anything else. If power is the first priority of a user, look no further than the 15-inch MacBook reviewed here: it is really the best.

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