Apple iWatch Concept: Simply Gorgeous

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Apple is always picky about launching something very new for their techy fans, this time probably the launching of Apple iWatch is in the air. This exclusive design is worked out by Thomas Bogne, a Berlin based techy designer, currently a student at Germany’s Technische Hochschule Deggendorf  institute. According to Bogner, iwatch is abruptly inspired by iphone design and Nike’s FuelBand. What he said will be supported by multitude of Apple fans that wrapping a stunning Apple interface around the wrist and having a spectacular interface rotating around the user’s arm is not only thrilling it will look too cool.

We really don’t have any idea right now how this iwatch will be like!!! Gosh!!!!

Recently the Apple CEO is using a Fuel band and praising the gadget in open and frankly speaking this coincidence has tickled us giggling this idea that iwatch somehow will be similar or almost similar to FuelBand!!!! However we can safely expect that iwatch will be available on Apple Store and like all other Apple products iwatch will be a combo of classy and chic style.

Thomas Bogner’s design has created an impulse globally and people are counting minutes for the launching of the gadget on board.


With this creativity in mind, Bogner’s vibrant GIF model has captured the functionality of a scroll enabled screen into the combo form of a Nike+ FuelBand, displaying the slim4-icon wise demo scrolling through several iOS features like chatting and luxury of enjoying the music. What makes Bogner’s design so exclusive is that it has abridged the form factor of the said device.

The thick strappy square shaped tile-like design embraced by most of the Smart Watches looks like a stunning bracelet – something unique that would unquestionably be smarter to gen-x people who often find it boring to wear a common calculator watch.

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