Amazon Calls for a Revolution with Its Upcoming 3D Smartphone!

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Amidst the crowd of Android and iOS based smartphones in the market, Amazon is about to throw a surprise with its awesome 3D Smartphone. With its mind blowing ecosystem and stereoscopic screen, this device is going to rock the Smartphone market. According to the reports of The Wall Street Journal, this device will be launched in the second half of 2014. The display of this phone will show 3D images that can be viewed without 3D glasses but the effects will the same. Amazon has thus formulated this device to take over the Smartphone market after beating its closest contenders that is Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Black Berry and even Microsoft.

Amazon 3D Smartphone

The 3D effect is surely going to be a renaissance in the fields of mobile gaming and e-commerce. No other Smartphone in the market has the capacity to generate a live image of an e-commerce store or a mobile roulette game table like that of Amazon’s 3D phone. Although some critics say that it is going to be a totally crashed effort but the features talked about in Wall Street’s report suggest the opposite phenomenon.

The 3D Screen Technology needs to be understood more closely. This technology uses holographic “virtual windows” to display images. That is why, everything appears very realistic. The 3D games can be played on this device with the finest visual and sound effects that obviously the other Smartphones cannot handle. This stereoscopic 3D experience has been found previously in HTC’s Evo 3D. But Amazon has improvised much on the 3D technologies to challenge the Smartphone market leaders.

This Smartphone will actually use a “Retina-Tracking Technology” utilizing 4 front facing sensors or cameras that will be able to capture an image like a hologram. Therefore in case of e-commerce sites, this spectacular device can show the products as if it’s live in front of the customer. By using the pinch, zoom, rotation and eye tracking technology, one can get a feeling of virtually holding the product in his palm before purchasing it from the online store.

The strength of Amazon’s devices lies in the fact that they have an extensive ecosystem of media and e-commerce. The awesome 3D camera and the 3D screen are capable of serving dual purposes of gaming and online shopping. Therefore, they are entering the battle field with adequate preparations and equipments in its favor. The prototypes of this device have already been shown to the app developers in San Francisco and Seattle. They are pretty hopeful about the distinguished success of this device once it is launched after June this year.

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